domingo, 2 de diciembre de 2007

Merry Christmas

I'm wishing the best for you. Click here and follow
instructions to complete your Christmas card. Did you like it?
Here you have
another one. Happy Christmas!!!

miércoles, 28 de noviembre de 2007

Listen and read this song

Does that happen to you??????

25th November International Day for the Elimination of violence against women.

Read this document against violence and have a look at the fantastic posters that a teacher called Pablo Carrascosa has recopilated. Choose the one that best expresses your worry about this problem.You can write your comments.

miércoles, 21 de noviembre de 2007

Trip to Málaga to celebrate a meeting of Bilingual schools.

Encuentro Centros Bilingües Málaga
Last November 14th the bilingual group ( 31 students) travelled to Málaga with the English teacher, Lola, the Music teacher, Miguel Ángel and one of our language assistants, Geraldine. We were going to meet our partner school Salvador Rueda, but only the 2nd ESO students. The trip was long and "noisy" (we were "delighted" by songs not sung but screamed....). Our friends were waiting at the Alcazaba. They had prepared a questionnaire, divided in three parts, which the students had to fill in. Although the Alcazaba is big, most groups could complete their work correctly. After that we started to "climb" towards Gibralfaro castle. The view was incredible, the sea was calm and bright blue and there we had lunch and met the 3rd ESO students. In the end we were a group of more than 70 students and it was so difficult to move them..........!!!!!!! We saw the cathedral and Picasso square. Everybody had a wonderful time and some students made good friends. The trip back was even noisier. And I thought they were tired and were going to fall asleep....! No way!!!!!

Welcome to a new course and new activities

You are now in 2nd Bilingual and I would like to welcome the five new students who joined this adventure this year.

domingo, 24 de junio de 2007

Technology in English

These are some of the examples of the electronic games that you have made in the Technology room. They are great and some of them very original, but you should be careful with grammar when you write something that cannot be changed. Check with a teacher or a language assistant before you write it definitively. Now it is time to have a rest and enjoy holidays. Happy holidays and see you next September.
Technology games

miércoles, 30 de mayo de 2007

Some things to remember

Photo gallery 1st Bilingual 2006/7
We are finishing this course 2006/7 . It's been a special year for you as you have been our first bilingual group . Here are some photographs taken at school that will help you to remember moments, teachers and friends.

miércoles, 16 de mayo de 2007

Bilingual schools meeting

The 16th of April we celebrated a meeting with a bilingual school from Málaga called Salvador Rueda. They came by bus and we waited fot them at Plaza de España. We organized the groups with stickers of different colours. They had to work on a Gymkhana about different places in Seville: Plaza de España, Alcázar and Mª Luisa's Park. It was great fun to see the students looking for the answers running from one place to another, although at the Alcazar we made a lot of noise and a guide complained about us!!!!
After the visit to the Alcazar we had lunch at Murillo park. Some of the students had taken a ball with them and they started a football match Málaga vs Seville. It was very exciting for them and they enjoyed a lot. We couldn't finish the Gymkhana at Mª Luisa's park. It was too hot and they were too tired. In the end they all said goodbye sadly, some of them hugging and crying. We are planning to travel to Málaga next June.

Encuentro centros bilingües Málaga-Sevilla
You are welcome to make some comments about that day

miércoles, 4 de abril de 2007

European Language Portfolio

The European Language Portfolio is a document in which those who are learning or have learned a language - whether at school or outside school - can record and reflect on their language learning and cultural experiences.
We are using The ELP (PEL in Spanish)in our school for evaluation and self evaluation. This document was developed and piloted by the Council of Europe and it is a tool to develop plurilingualisn and pluriculturalism. We can situate our level in different languages according to the Common Levels of Reference (A1 / A2 / B1 /B2 C1 / C2) and at the same time we can refect on what type of learners we are, or how differently people speak our language or what languages we can listen around us.
We are working oral skills in the way you can see in the photograph.
We set goals and then prove we can do it.

First of ESO Bilingual students made a project called "The World in my school" to know the students who come from other countries, their languages and a little bit of their culture. . Here you can see some photographs of the project.

miércoles, 31 de enero de 2007

Etwinning project

Do you know Etwinning?

Etwinning is part of a European Programme which promotes inter-school partnership. The schools which become partners share an internet based class project. Last year we started an etwinning project with an English school from Gloucestershire. The name of our partner school is Chosen Hill School.

If you want to visit the school website click HERE

The Spanish teacher at Chosen Hill School is called Miss Elena Mai Evans. (Apparently "Elena" is the name of a Welsh queen). She visited our school last year and we organized and discussed our class project. Our students exchanged emails and posters about our cities and our countries.

Here you can an example of the English students' work:

This year we have started exchanging letters with our 12 year old students.
Listen to this song while you're working.

  • 1st ESO bilingual: You have a penpal from Chosen Hill School. Tell us about your penpal, his/her description, his/her hobbies, his/her likes, routines or anything you would like to say.

  • Find on THIS map where Gloucester is and name a city or town which is situated next to it.

Our language assistants

Thanks to the fact that we have a Bilingual Section at school we have three language assistants this year. They come from different countries and we are very happy to learn different things from them. Here you have them:

    From left to right: Sarah Vankerkoven from Belgium and Gregory Santony from the USA. Below: Hilal Tatis from Turkey .

    • In your opinion, what are the advantages of having a language assistant in class?

    • What are you learning from them?

    • Write any positive comments you would like to share with your classmates.

    Thank you