miércoles, 21 de noviembre de 2007

Trip to Málaga to celebrate a meeting of Bilingual schools.

Encuentro Centros Bilingües Málaga
Last November 14th the bilingual group ( 31 students) travelled to Málaga with the English teacher, Lola, the Music teacher, Miguel Ángel and one of our language assistants, Geraldine. We were going to meet our partner school Salvador Rueda, but only the 2nd ESO students. The trip was long and "noisy" (we were "delighted" by songs not sung but screamed....). Our friends were waiting at the Alcazaba. They had prepared a questionnaire, divided in three parts, which the students had to fill in. Although the Alcazaba is big, most groups could complete their work correctly. After that we started to "climb" towards Gibralfaro castle. The view was incredible, the sea was calm and bright blue and there we had lunch and met the 3rd ESO students. In the end we were a group of more than 70 students and it was so difficult to move them..........!!!!!!! We saw the cathedral and Picasso square. Everybody had a wonderful time and some students made good friends. The trip back was even noisier. And I thought they were tired and were going to fall asleep....! No way!!!!!

Welcome to a new course and new activities

You are now in 2nd Bilingual and I would like to welcome the five new students who joined this adventure this year.