miércoles, 4 de abril de 2007

European Language Portfolio

The European Language Portfolio is a document in which those who are learning or have learned a language - whether at school or outside school - can record and reflect on their language learning and cultural experiences.
We are using The ELP (PEL in Spanish)in our school for evaluation and self evaluation. This document was developed and piloted by the Council of Europe and it is a tool to develop plurilingualisn and pluriculturalism. We can situate our level in different languages according to the Common Levels of Reference (A1 / A2 / B1 /B2 C1 / C2) and at the same time we can refect on what type of learners we are, or how differently people speak our language or what languages we can listen around us.
We are working oral skills in the way you can see in the photograph.
We set goals and then prove we can do it.

First of ESO Bilingual students made a project called "The World in my school" to know the students who come from other countries, their languages and a little bit of their culture. . Here you can see some photographs of the project.