miércoles, 23 de junio de 2010

End-of-year dinner.

Last 21st June we went for dinner to celebrate we have been together for four years. I think these four years of our bilingual adventure have been a success.
Thanks to your bilingual teachers, Esteban, Mª Jesús, Pablo, Juan José, Antonio for their enthusiam, hard work and dedication. Without them this wouldn't have been possible.
Thanks to our language assistants along these years, Greg, Sarah, Hilal, Geraldine, Antonietta, Mark, Chris, Jacqui and Julia. They have been great colaborators as well as friends.
Thanks to your French teacher, Diego, for his support and for having joined any suggestions and activities related to the bilingual project. Thanks to your tutor, Esther for being supportive and collaborative.
And a big THANKS to you for being wonderful students, enthusiastic, friendly, hard-working (most of the times) and patient. I hope next year we will be on board on a new boat: 1st Bach Bilingual. Those of you who are leaving, please, don't forget us. We will miss you a lot. Good luck in your new life!!