jueves, 17 de mayo de 2012

Proyecto Integrado final works

On this entry we will see the pieces of work that bilingual students from 2nd bach have done for Proyecto Integrado subject. Enjoy them
Nº 1: The fishbowl: Francisco José Pérez, Maribel Pedersen and Beatriz Fernández created this incredible animated video with figures made from modelling paste and their own voices.
Nº 2": This a dubbed video about Hitler: Voices: Marcos and Aníbal Ibáñez, Francisco Javier Carmona and Jose Daniel Verdejo. Fantastic!! Nº3: This is a hilarious short amateur film produced, performed and directed by Jose Antonio Reina, Emilio Beltrán and Juan Carlos Hernández. Nº5: This is a video recorded by our singers and dancers: Elena Alba, Marta Sirodey, Marta Sierra, Alejandra Criado, Andrea Luque, Helena Moreda, María Lorenzana and Charo Romero. Great fun! I have also added some of the trailers Elizabeth has prepared from your sketches in class: FAST FOOD. TRAILER THE RIGHT THING TO DO. TRAILER SALT. TRAILER