martes, 31 de marzo de 2009

We're Going to London in May!!!!

We are preparing our trip to London with different activities. We have sold Christmas cakes and lottery tickets to get some money. Then we have read a book called TRIP TO LONDON which has given us some idea of the city, its customs and curiosities. Finally we have a WIKI called "Going to London" in which ten groups of three student will be working on a specific topic, monument or place in this fantastic city. When they finish, they will record a presentation for the rest of the group as they will have to introduce their place, or monument when they are in London. Finally when all groups have finished, they will have to complete a QUIZ. It will be a competition.
To see in advance what you are going to visit, click on these links:
St Paul's Cathedral

Westminter Abbey
Natural History Museum
British Museum

Eratosthenes and the Measurement of the Earth's circumference

De Medición del radio de la tierra por 3º ESO Bilingüe

Last Thursday 26th March we did an experiment with our Bilingual teachers: we tried to measure the circumference of the Earth in the same way Eratosthenes did in the century II before Christ. He discovered then that the Earth was not flat.
We studied Eratosthenes's life in the English class, in Geography we learnt all the processes he followed until he calculated the radius of the Earth. In Maths we learnt some trigonometry, specifically tangents, to be able to measure the angle of the sun's shadow length. Finally, in the technology class we spent a week building a gnomon, or stick, to be able to measure the sun's shadow length every ten minutes when the sun rays were overhead.
We took the data and sent the results to an observatory centre in Barcelona.