lunes, 11 de junio de 2012

Good bye and Good luck to all of you

Our bilingual experience has come to an end. 
After six years working together, travelling together,  sharing experiences and learning together, we have to say Good bye. I really hope you will be as lucky as I have felt teaching you. You have been the first bilingual group, the group in which we put our hope, our expectations, our enthusiasm... You haven't let us down, but the contrary. You have followed and carried out every crazy project we "invented" in our "Bilingual laboratory" and most of the times succesfully. Thanks for being there, I'm sure we won't say good bye for long. This is your school and these are and will always be your teachers, whatever the future will hold....
Enjoy this video Cristina Olveira has prepared as a summary of what we have lived together.

 This is a collage of the dinner party of 2nd Bachillerato.

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